TOP Reasons to NEVER Use Poison Against New Jersey Armadillos - Our Last Reason STOPS Everyone!

When dealing with the Elizabeth armadillo infestation, some people will choose the poison method believing that it is the most convenient option. However, you need to know that using rodenticide comes with various risks that can threaten the life of other animals and your loved ones. In this article we will enumerate some of the reasons that will convince you that poisons should never be used in controlling the population of the nuisance creature.

The Dangers of Using Poisons on Armadillo Infestation

The available poisons in the New Jersey market are made up of strong chemical ingredients that come with adverse effect not only on your health but also on our environment. In fact, the damages that it may cause to our environment will be more severe than the armadillo infestation.

Contaminate Our Elizabeth Environment

Most of the New Jersey poisons will release toxic fumes that will contaminate the air. This will irritate the nasal tract of those who will inhale it. It can also contaminate the soil where you scattered the pellets. Water sources can also be contaminated during the process. Chemicals found in the rodenticide are corrosive, and mostly carcinogenic.

Threatens the Lives of Your Pets and Kids

The poisons are designed to have an interesting shape. This is intended to capture the attention of the armadillo. You might notice how some of them will appear like pellets, cereals, and candies. On top of that, it emanates a sweet scent that captures the interest of the animals. It is not that uncommon for a kid to accidentally ingest a poison thinking that it is a treat. In fact, according to the latest report, there are increasing numbers of these cases. In case your pet of your kid ingested enough pellets of rodenticide, it can threaten their well being.

Threatens Other Wildlife

A New Jersey creature that ingested a rodenticide can survive for weeks. They will wander around and there’s a high possibility that a predator will encounter them. This will lead to secondary poisoning. Most of the victims of the secondary poisoning were large birds and mammals. Depending on the type of poison that you used, it can attack the respiratory system or the central nervous system of the predators. There are also non-anticoagulant that can lead to kidney failure or heart problem. Others may contain toxic acid that can kill these creatures immediately.


According to the law, it is prohibited to cause any wildlife creature any unneeded pain and suffering regardless if they are protected or not. Since it will take hours or sometimes weeks before the armadillo succumbed to death, he will first experience numerous side effects such as vomiting, severe stomach pain, nausea, organ failure, and others. This means that you are breaking the law that can lead to hefty fines.

If you want a safer alternative in controlling the activities of Elizabeth armadillo, there are humane ways to kills them or evict them out of our property. Allow the experts to handle your problems in case you find it too overwhelming. 

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